Telc Exam Preparation

3-hour training for the correct procedure during the exam. Here you will get practical tips for the correct handling of the four partial exams. This is not a grammar course.

Dates of the telc exam preparations 2021


Dates Deadline for registration
4/16/2021 4/8/2021 Registration
6/25/2021 6/17/2021 Registration
9/24/2021 9/16/2021 Registration
12/3/2021 11/25/2021 Registration


Dates Deadline for registration
5/21/2021 5/13/2021 Registration
8/20/2021 8/12/2021 Registration
10/29/2021 10/21/2021 Registration
Preparation fee for the A1/A2 telc exam: 50 Fr.


Dates Deadline for registration
4/17/2021 4/8/2021 Registration
6/26/2021 6/17/2021 Registration
9/25/2021 9/16/2021 Registration
12/4/2021 11/25/2021 Registration


Dates Deadline for registration
5/22/2021 5/13/2021 Registration
8/21/2021 8/12/2021 Registration
10/30/2021 10/21/2021 Registration
Preparation fee for the B1/B2 telc exam: 50 Fr.
General conditions for registering for the telc exam preparation:
1. This registration is binding and cannot be cancelled. After registration for a telc exam preparation, the costs must be paid in any case. It is not possible to postpone the registered preparation date.
2. Hallo Deutschschule GmbH will execute the preparation of the exam tel with 6 or more registrations. Hallo Deutschschule reserves the right to cancel the preparation for less than 6 registrations. In this case, registered students will be informed in good time and their examination fees will be refunded.