General Terms and Conditions

of Hallo Deutschschule GmbH


By registering for a course, the participant accepts the general terms and conditions of Hallo Deutschschule. Course registrations for a German course are only accepted in writing (also in electronic form). The registration is legally valid and obligates the student to pay for the booked German course, even if the student does not participate. Course places for existing students in the following course can only be guaranteed if students register in writing by the end of the third week (intensive), by the end of the fifth week (semi-intensive) or by the end of the twelfth week (Saturday) before the course begins (this also applies to students with a 3-month or 6-month subscription). In exceptional cases, Hallo Deutschschule can cancel registrations on time, provided that all existing students register in time for the next course. The course is free of VAT.


Up to 5 calendar days before the start of the course, participants may cancel the booked German course in writing without additional costs. Cancellations made by telephone or verbally are not valid. If the cancellation is made too late, the participant must pay the full course fees.

Course repetition

Each participant may repeat a German course if he/she wishes. The participant only has to pay 50% of the course fee if he/she has already attended the whole course (whole course duration) within the last 3 months (from the end of the course) at Hallo Deutschschule and registers for a whole course duration. No holidays or interruptions can be registered during a repetition course. A repetition during an ongoing 6-month or 3-month subscription is possible, but the 6-month or 3-month subscription will be interrupted and continued after completion of the repetition course. In the case of a repetition during an ongoing 6-month or 3- month subscription, 50% of the non-reduced normal course price must be paid. Participants who attend two intensive courses at the same time do not receive a reduction in the case of a repeat course, as they already benefit from the standard 50% reduction on the second intensive course.


 If a participant interrupts a booked course for private or business reasons (holidays, business trips, etc.), he/she is not entitled to a refund. However, Hallo Deutschschule is happy to issue a voucher, provided that the interruption has been notified in writing to the secretary's office at least 5 days before the start of the interruption and does not exceed 1 week (intensive), 2 weeks (semi-intensive) or 3 weeks (Saturday). Vouchers will only be issued for absences of a full calendar week. For new clients, Hallo Deutschschule does NOT issue vouchers during the period of the very first course. For Saturday courses, a minimum absence of two consecutive Saturdays must be registered. If a student cannot attend a German course due to illness, he/she will receive a voucher for the German lessons not attended upon presentation of a doctor's certificate. This voucher is not transferable to other persons. Vouchers or credit notes are not paid out in cash. No vouchers will be issued for individual course days not attended, unless a doctor's certificate is presented. Vouchers can be collected from the secretary's office and can only be used when registering for whole courses (with full course duration). Vouchers/credits cannot be used for private lessons, course materials or similar, nor can they be accumulated with other discounts. Vouchers can only be redeemed if they are submitted to the secretary's office together with the registration for a new group course. If participants are unable to attend due to private or professional problems or changes that were already known or foreseeable at the time of registration, Hallo Deutschschule can insist on payment of the full course price without issuing a credit note. In the event of personal planning uncertainty, e.g. the prospect of a job offer, visa, possible business trips, etc., customers bear the responsibility themselves in all cases. 

Cancellation of course by school/ Impossibility to carry out

 Hallo Deutschschule is committed to finding a substitute in case of teacher absences due to illness, personal emergencies, holidays, termination of employment, etc. The main concern of the school is to ensure that lessons are held. In the event of a change of teacher due to organisational reasons, the Hallo Deutschschule will also make every effort to find a new teacher. If there are too few registrations for a course, Hallo Deutschschule can cancel the course. In this case, the participant will be refunded the amount paid. If a planned course cannot take place due to a short-term emergency (e.g. illness of the course instructor) and therefore a cancellation for which the school is responsible, the liability for course participants who have travelled to the school in vain is limited to a maximum compensation of Fr. 50 per person. In cases of force majeure (strikes, catastrophes, epidemics, pandemics, etc.) the course fee will not be refunded. The course will be continued after the end of the interruption caused by force majeure or will be compensated with a credit note if it can be proven with documents that the continuation of participation in the course is no longer possible after the interruption.

Certificates and confirmations

Upon successful completion of a language level, each course participant will receive a certificate from Hallo Deutschschule upon request. Upon completion of a partial level or in case of unsatisfactory performance, a course confirmation will be issued upon request. The certificate or course confirmation will be issued within 5 days. For a fee of CHF 30, the certificate or course confirmation can be issued and sent on the same day.


The prices listed on the Internet and in the course programme are binding. Course material is not included in the course price. Course materials can be obtained at the reception desk. If C2 courses take place in classes, the price per partial level is CHF 660 and no credits are issued for interruptions. As a rule, multiple discounts cannot be cumulated. An administrative fee of CHF 30 will be charged for the reimbursement of course costs.


Students who take out a 3-month or 6-month subscription can benefit from a reduced course price. Subscriptions cannot be taken out retrospectively for courses already started or completed. Subscriptions can only be made for intensive courses. In case of an early change to a semi-intensive course or Saturday course, the subscription will be cancelled, and all courses already attended will be charged retrospectively at the normal price of CHF 580. 3-month subscriptions must always be paid in advance. With a 6-month subscription, the student may choose whether to pay for the courses all at once or in monthly instalments. If 6-month subscribers do not pay the full price at once, a payment agreement must be signed and is binding. If a 6-month subscription is paid monthly in instalments, a deposit worth CHF 450 must be paid as security with the first instalment. The deposit will only be deducted from the course price in the last month and cannot be reclaimed before then under any circumstances. 

Course payment

The full course fees for intensive courses must be paid by the start date. In the case of outstanding invoices, Hallo Deutschschule reserves the right not to accept registrations for subsequent courses. Semi-intensive courses can be paid in two instalments of CHF 310 each. Saturday courses can be paid in four instalments of CHF 170 each. Registration for the course is binding and is valid even if the invoice has not yet been sent. If the invoice has not been received by the start of the course, it is the student's responsibility to request an invoice from the secretary or to inform the secretary of the absence of the invoice. For sustainability reasons, invoices are now only sent by e-mail. If desired, invoices can also be sent by mail. However, a fee of CHF 5 will be charged for this. The collection of the invoice in paper form from the front desk remains free of charge. 

Prepayments / Purchase of vouchers
Advance payments for courses at Hallo Deutschschule can be made by purchasing vouchers. Vouchers are not transferable to other persons and can only be redeemed for German courses. A refund of the amount paid for the voucher is not possible under any circumstances.

Payment by instalments for intensive courses

Payment by instalments for intensive courses is only accepted for 6-month subscriptions. However, a deposit in the amount of the total price reduction (CHF 450.-) as well as an administrative fee of CHF 30.- must be paid with the first instalment.

Participants per class

The minimum number of participants for intensive courses is six, for semi-intensive courses and Saturday courses seven. The maximum number of participants for all types of courses is fourteen. 

Placement test

Hallo Deutschschule offers free placement tests to determine the language level of the students. The placement tests are conducted orally on site. Should a student register for a level in which he/she has not been placed, against the recommendation of the examiner, he/she agrees that only topics of the booked level will be explained in detail. In case of downgrading or dropping out of a course, the full course fee will be due and the student will not be entitled to a voucher. If a detailed written record of the placement result is required for a placement test, this can be requested for a fee of CHF 50. Students who do not take a placement test and enrol for a level that is too high or too low must pay the full course price even if they drop out and are not entitled to a voucher.

Changes & Validity

The course programme and prices are subject to change without notice. Hallo Deutschschule has had the general terms and conditions machine-translated into various languages. In the event of misunderstandings or disputes, the terms and conditions written in German shall apply. The translations only serve to make the terms and conditions easier and more understandable for foreign speakers.


The Hallo German School does not accept any liability. Accident insurance is the responsibility of the participant.

Place of jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable. Place of jurisdiction is Zurich.
Zurich, February 2024