Leisure / Culture

Every Week

Konversations-Fabrik (conversation in groups)

In role plays and improvisations, students practise how to react fast and speak in realistic situations (guided by the theater director Michela Goesken). Feel free to use your fantasy and imagination. Fun factor: 10!

Every month


Day Trip

Students at Hallo Deutschschule spend a day outside of the classroom to discover unknown places in the Zurich area. It’s an opportunity for the students to bond and for students to socialize and speak German. Also, we want to introduce cultural aspects of Switzerland to the students.


Movie or soccer evening

We regularely host movie or football nights. We show the latest German movies or football matches with German commentaries. After the movie/match there will be a discussion.

Conversation training

To improve the practical use of german we organise conversation trainings on the Levels A2 to C2. The teacher will guide the conversation and correct the students.


Yoga on the 4th floor

As a student:at Hallo Deutschschule you can attend yoga classes at discounted prices at AirYoga on the 4th floor before or after German classes.
Are you looking for people to jam, hike, play football with?
No problem. Just post your project on our pin board inside the school so other students with the same interests can easily contact you.